Croptix is currently working on solutions for identifying the deadly Huanglongbing (HLB) disease, also known as citrus greening. HLB decimates citrus groves wherever it strikes — and there is no cure. The disease is caused by a bacterial pathogen (Candidatus Liberibacter asiaticus), which is carried tree to tree by a small insect called the Asian Citrus Psyllid (ACP). HLB can reside in a tree for many months prior to visible symptoms, slowly killing the tree, while acting as a host to be spread to other trees. The only way to prevent its rapid spread is to detect HLB early, eradicate infected trees, and improve management techniques to contain ACP.

Rapid Spread

Originally found in Asia, HLB is spreading devastation around the globe. In the United States, HLB was first detected in Florida in the late 90’s and now is hitting Texas and southern California. In Florida alone, citrus production plummeted by 60 percent in little more than a decade.



There is no cure for HLB.
The only way to prevent its spread is through proactive management. Croptix has the most practical solution that is both affordable at scale and sensitive enough to screen individual trees early, before the disease spreads throughout a grove. The Croptix solution provides a monitoring and remediation program that works together with the industry's plan to fight HLB.

We Don’t Look At It…We Look In It.

We use our patented Croptix technique to analyze the inside of leaf structures in real time, looking for the small changes that indicate a disease is taking hold. Other optical techniques use an external leaf reflectance measurement that can’t go deep inside the leaf. Croptix’s miniature spectrophotometer captures light that has diffused in and re-emerged from the leaf. This “optical fingerprint” is then analyzed by a cloud-based algorithm to accurately diagnose stresses such as disease, nutrient deficiency and water stress. Croptix diagnoses disease long before you could see it, giving you a head start on preventing its spread.



Croptix Package Details

We provide everything you need to start monitoring your crops for disease. You run our easy to use sensors with your team in your fields, without costly help from technicians or scientists. Croptix analysis turns around the results quickly so you can take action as soon as possible on suspect trees.  

What’s included:

  • Field-ready Croptix sensors powered by
    optical technology

  • Field carts or hands-free, on-person front carrier packs

  • Detailed grove condition analysis and reporting 

  • Easy to use cloud-based management platform

  • On-site training and setup

  • Perpetual warranty and upgrades for all equipment

Beta Trials Available

We are currently running beta evaluations of our service, working with select growers on an individual project basis.

As part of the service we offer field-ready sensors powered by Atoptix     optical technology. Contact us today if you are interested in setting up a trial in your orchards!



The Croptix Difference
Our patented technique uses optical spectroscopy to look inside leaves of suspect trees and then spot disease before it’s visible to the human eye. Only Croptix’s unique technology allows you to affordably screen entire groves as part of a predictable and reliable grove management solution.

From Lab to Field

Croptix is leveraging powerful laboratory optical techniques coupled with artificial intelligence to tackle the $220 billion global annual loss of crops due to damage from plant disease and help improve global food security. The company is building on the work of co-founders Dr. Perry Edwards and Dr. Zhiwen Liu, who founded Atoptix to mobilize patented optical technology developed at Penn State University for solutions in human health and plant health. The pair successfully applied their combined expertise in biosensing with their team of engineers and other scientists to develop the Croptix platform, which offers a truly practical field-deployable solution for farmers to effectively screen for crop diseases.



Are You Passionate About Protecting Our Food Crops?

Join the Croptix team and help develop and promote technologies that detect crop disease. Contact us for more information on Croptix careers.

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